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From Boskoop

Europe’s green breeding ground Over the centuries, Boskoop has become both literally and figuratively Europe’s green heart. Hundreds of companies grow millions of plants and trees here in the fertile peaty soil, which have found their way across the whole of Europe and far beyond. And they all come From Boskoop.

For more than 550 years, trees and plants have been the most important source of income for this village. Today, the Boskoop nurseries combine craftsmanship and high-tech. Whereas some nurseries still work with 'planting tables', the neighbouring nurseries are ultramodern. Nowadays, the latest growing techniques are employed in Boskoop’s companies that can be regarded as being among Europe’s most modern nurseries. The centuries old know-how in the growing of thousands of species of plants has been passed down from generation to generation. That know-how is nurtured and maintained.

Thanks to tree growing, over the centuries Boskoop’s character has become unique. It is anchored in the Boskoop culture, the industriousness, the landscape and the character of the Boskoop people. Level-headed, hard-working, pioneering and constantly on a voyage of discovery. It is a village full of water and peat, full of history and a view to the future, full of craftsmanship and automation, split by the Gouwe river.  It is a small village with a great green image. When it comes to garden plants or trees, there is a good chance that they have come From Boskoop!